Child Care

What is a Nanny?

I get to partner with families all around the SW Washington and Portland Metro area to help their households run smoothly. I get the joy of working with newborns right now that challenge my patience and encourage my heart with every smile and milestone they hit. A nanny is a person with a huge heart for kids and families.

How do you spend your days?

Is start my week off with grocery shopping for the family, then I begin meal preparation. After this, I take care of feedings, bath time, and diaper changing.  Then I do the regular housework like organization projects, vacuuming, dishes, and cleaning up after the boys or girls I am carrying over.

What is your role in the family?

My role in the family is to instruct the children up as the parents would like their kids to grow up. As a Christian I love the idea of coming alongside a family and encouraging them to grow to be the best possible version of themselves.

How do you not get stressed out?

Ever since the foundations of Molly God spoke into my spirit the gentleness and loving compassion one need to get along with kids of all ages. I love the way kids are and have never met a kid that was too tough for me. I absolutely love getting to work with kids and seeing how their minds grow. It truly is my ministry and vocation.

Extra Extra

I believe this is a gift from God and my calling has always been to one day work with orphans in India. I can just see their brown smiling faces and their hearts overflowing. That is my ultimate goal one day. To open a big beautiful house in India and fill it with kiddos that need help. I believe internationally is where I am called. For now I stick to work with local kiddos.