7 Things 21 Taught Me

1. You Need to Take Care of Yourself

You absolutely cannot put off taking care of yourself regardless of what people around you will think. Your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health are more important than your schooling, job, or any other commitment you have. Trust me you can repay those loans you took out, your job will understand, and your holistic health will thank you for the long run. It hurts to make big decisions like this in the moment because you are fearing failure.

2. It is Okay to Fail

All of my failures and missteps have surprisingly come together for the good. I have strengthened relationships and built up ideas. I have let myself down when I did things that I should not have done. Sometimes failing is the best way to learn

3. Heartbreak Will Happen

You will get your heartbroken throughout your life and it will hurt. There will be those cry at the picture moments when you just stay up all night long after you slammed the door on him and cry. You will see his face and the memories will flood in and it will always hurt, but you will get over it and come out way stronger.

4. You Do Not Have to Have it All Figured Out

You do not even need a plan for the next twenty years, in fact, you have already done enough. You are present and you are trying to do what you love. You will make things happen and those things will lead to other goals. You will have something to build your dreams off of.

5. Do Not Compare Yourself to Social Media

You are not your friend’s social media account, in fact, you are something far different than that you are yourself. You will show the pride and joy of your life and you will be celebrated. Just make sure that you take time away from the screen and focus on in-person relationships and your fun times.

6. Nights are Way Better than Drunken Nights

Who cares about the hype around the drugs and the alcohol. If you do it right you can actually sip a drink and play some pool and actually remember your memories. You do not have to get in fights with your ex or call him over in the middle of the night. In fact, you will probably just draw in on the already crazy thoughts you have in your head. Alcohol is also a depressant and if you are like me and you have anxiety and depression it will worsen your condition.

7. You Can Have Different Opinions than Your Friends, Parents, Religious Affiliation, and ANYONE else.

You are allowed to have your own thoughts and your own feelings on matters of politics, religion, and life. You are an individual that is learning the path of life and that is purely between you and the creator. You are called to a different path than your friends and you are learning new things every day that is shaping you and changing you.


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