Pack Your Stuff Well// A Guide to Less

Bring a little and gain a lot:


Give yourself a limit and stick to it. Do you really need more than twenty pounds of clothes and supplies? If you are staying at a hotel you will be able to have a washing machine and you can air dry your clothes.It also keeps local people from spotting you to quickly as a tourist. This also keeps you safe! When you are carrying your own luggage it is easier to keep track of and you are less likely to get things lost or stolen. So keep one bag on you!

Capsule Wardrobe:


Use a capsule wardrobe. Start with bottoms (jeans, skirts, leggings, exercise pants) chose three of those. Then choose tops (shirts, tanks, tunics, etc.) and choose matching patterns for the bottoms. After that choose outerwear (sweaters, coats, sweatshirts) and choose one that will go with everything. For shoe wear, I highly recommend Sanuk’s( They are great yoga mat shoes that offer comfort and the ability to dress them up. I would say during most traveling you do not need jewelry.  Jewelry can a liability and I would not recommend taking anything with you that you will regret losing. Unless of course, it is a wedding ring that you always wear. Perhaps hang it around your neck. I would recommend purchasing a passport holder to organize all of your tickets, cards, cash, and other cards you may be taking along with you.

Hygiene and Taking Care of Yourself:

I went shopping for some plastic bottles to store my various care products. I found that simply grabbing and going from the aisles at various stories is a great way to do things. Yet sometimes the comforts of home soothed me when I could bring my own products. So I bought these from Walgreens


I took shampoo, conditioner, a little bar of soap, facial cleanser, and sunscreen. These were the most important things for me to have. At the beginning of 2017, I started to phase out of wearing makeup every day. This was a personal choice and one I deeply value. I used to always want to dress my face up and be “socially acceptable.”Now I just get to feel pretty the way I am. Therefore I never took makeup with me. BUT if you want to I would suggest taking the basics: eyeliner, mascara, bb cream, and eyebrow gel. This way you can be simply glam without taking way too much crap.



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