6 Ways to Boost Your Mood Immediately

Get Outside

When you feel the sadness brimming head into a lit up space and let the natural light feed your soul. Allow yourself to connect with creation. Take a walk outside with your puppy, pick a few wildflowers, or listen to the creek run.  The natural light will immediately fill you with emotions

Music (Not the Sad stuff friends)

For me, I like to turn on the country music station when I am driving in my car and roll the windows down while I play it loud. For you, it could be Clean Bandits when you turn it up while you are doing your makeup. Listen to it as loud as you want (without bugging your roomies or family!)

Hugs & Boundaries of Physical Connection

When I am down I like to get hugs from my friends or do mental hugs with my friends. I learned this technique when I was in outpatient and it sort of stuck with me.  You basically tell someone what you feel about them proactively and with positive energy.

Small Projects

Make a quilt with your old team shirts from high school. Try to pick up a new hobby. Do something that will take a short amount of time to create. You know that Pinterest is brimming with fun things to do.

Entertain Yourself

Yes- you can allow yourself to watch Netflix favorites. Yet something I would recommend doing is listening to some podcasts. You will be blown away with the audio dramas and storytelling that they have created in the past few months alone.


You can pray to whoever you want during this time. I always pray to Jesus a part of the trinity in the Christian faith. You can pray to the higher power of your choosing or appeal to your higher self. This instantly uplifts my mood with the choice in prayer I do which is usually gratitude for who I am and where I am going.



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