Spectrum of Self-CARE

Let’s Talk about Self-Care

When you are facing hardships in your life it is easy to check out. It is easy to put everything you are supposed to be doing to better yourself on the back burner and turn to that isolation period. For me, this is when I binge eat, watch too many sad movies, and then cry over absolutely nothing. Occasionally I will feel like I do not have any friends and I will let myself get stuck in the lies that float around in my head. I will talk about three ways you can do self-care in your day and no matter where you are. Whether you are in the Middle East, Europe, or America.

Social Self Care:

Go and spend time with some friends. Shoot them a text and ask to grab a coffee with them. This gets you out of the funk that you are living in and allows you to see a light. At the time it is super hard and I totally understand that. My friends taught me to rely on them when I get that way. Even phoning someone that you are close to just to hear another human’s voice is a great option. I love doing this.

brunch1Emotional Self-Care

I would say using an app like my favorite headspace  is a great way of checking in with yourself completely. There are some great free options that I learned about while I was in an outpatient program and I truly grew from all of that. My Father also gave me the idea to look in the mirror every single day and say, “I love you.” It just allows you to understand that you are worthy of self-care and self-love. Another way I do this is through journaling. I grab a cup of coffee and go into nature or my back porch and sit and write. My #UpliftFriyay is a product of that journaling and also my Love Series.  Just find ways to express what you are feeling inside. This blog is a product of that as well.


Physical Self-Care

I was a dead in my skin type of person only working out if I was forced to until recently. I started to fall in love with High-Intensity Interval Training and Pilates and Yoga. So I do this on the daily. It is a way for me to release stress and understand myself better. I can physically calm my body down through breathing techniques like 4 by 4 which is four seconds in, four-second hold, four second out, four second in. You repeat that until you calm yourself down. I also like to drive in the car and belt out country songs.


Spiritual Self-Care

For me, my spirituality is deeply ingrained into my personhood. I want to be able to be in tune with the Creator of the World and the Savior of my life Jesus. So I have begun to implement a series of connecting to God in my life. I began by waking up and thanking God that I am alive. Then while the kids I nanny are getting ready and eating breakfast I read my bible. I pray for the people in my life and I ask God for direction. Something special to me is nature I truly feel more satisfied when I am connected with nature. I love to go and hike or just observe flowing water along emerald forests. How can you spiritually connect and stay tuned with your practice? Chanting, praying, and meditation is great spiritual grounding techniques that work where you are sitting and you can do them relaxed in a car or sitting in a chair at work.


Mental Self-Care

For my mental self-care, I do a check in of the world around me and outside my focus. So I love listening to podcasts and NPR in the mornings to get me going. Then throughout my day, I love listening to articles read out loud through Optimal Living Daily. I also do a million lists a day that keeps my mind sharp and I have begun new hobbies such as voice acting and classes that challenge me in yoga.


These are ways you can find your happy!



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