Sam and Logan

This girl right here has been a solid rock and beautiful representation of Jesus to me. She and I traveled to the Middle East together and I instantly clicked with her charming personality. She is literally the glue that held our team together and made me calm down so many times. She laughs with me. Stays up with me. Snuggles with me when I force her too. She is a brave soul. I also feel like I know Logan as well. I realistically view them as a old married couple. I love them! So read this beautiful story about their love. 

She starts out with her cute self: Alright ready for this love story Molly?

Okay so logan and I had been going t the same church for about a year before we met. His sister was my cheerleading coach and his whole family would attend church weekly. And I remember several sundays I would show up in sweats and a messy bun and he would be at church, so embarrassed because I thought he was so attractive but thought he was off limits because he was 2 years older than me and my cheerleading coaches brother!! So I just stared at him but never made conversation with him for about a year, he had a serious girlfriend at the time so I figured they would get married and I would be nothing to him!😂 but then the summer of 2014 we both were volunteering at our churches Vacation Bible School for a week. He had just come home from his first year of college for the summer and I was getting ready to go to college. I had told my friend that I was so excited he was helping out with vacation bible school and that maybe I would get the courage to talk to him. After the first day of VBS I decided to talk to him, let me back it up first… he had gone to a concert the weekend before and didn’t wear any sunblock so he was super sunburnt in the face and had raccoon eyes from his sunglasses. So of course the first thing I decide to say to him was “wow you look rough”. That’s all. Then a few days later he messaged me on Facebook and we started talking just like friends. By the end of the week he asked me to go to the movies with him, I said sure but figured it would just be as friends. My mom had told me that she heard he was back home and didn’t have many friends that came back for the summer so he was probably just looking for a friend. That was a lie! After our “first date” at the movies I then found out he liked me. We continued to go to church and build our relationship. And since then we have been to gather for almost 4 years! Happy and following Christ together! 


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