Jana and Khari 

I met Jana as a young girl her family sat behind me in church. I remember her being shy and very sweet. She has grown into a stunning woman that I am very fond of. We reconnected through Facebook and it’s been such a great journey into friendship with her. Enjoy this love story! 

       One cold winter day me and a friend were driving around town drinking coffee and catching up. She got a screenshot from a random number of a very explicit tinder account that was her boyfriend!! She was soo shocked and angery. We pulled over and both downloaded tinder and began searching for the account that was supposedly her boyfriend. It took us hours and we laughed and cried and she finally found him! It was unfortunate for her…But during those hours I found my current bestfriend and lover. I though he was soo cute and so i told my friend to lool at his profile! We laughed and I “swiped right”! He responded and we began chatting. We exchanged contact information and deleted our accounts. We text, face-timed, called, and skyped 24/7 for 2 weeks. Then we set up to meet. We went to watch a movie! I Cant even remember what movie it was. I just remember sitting next to him and feeling his presence. We got food after at the food carts. It was the beginning of December ’14. It was freezing outside but we didn’t care. We walked around with hot cocoa for so long we lost the car. We walked around for another hour and caught the christmas tree lighting at Pioneer Square. He asked me to officially be his girlfriend there in front of the lit christmas tree. It felt magical! And here we are 2.5 years later living together and planning our future! He still makes me feel magical and is the best bestfriend i ever could imagine! I believe we were destined to meet and fall head over heels in love. 
They lived happily ever after. 


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