Grandpa and Grandma Love story: M. Eriksen

This is the story of a dear friends grandparents. One that is simply beautiful and it is a joy to read. I hope you enjoy this sweet tale of love that goes the distance and a faithful one at that. Thanks so much for sharing Michelle!

//My grandparents had known each other since the womb but the first time my Grandma says she noticed my Grandpa wasn’t as a really small child, but when she saw him playing the trombone in the 4th grade. “He was so handsome” my Grandma would say. A few years passed and my Grandparents went to the same Prom yet with different dates. My Grandpa saw my Grandma at the Prom and said to his date, “wow, doesn’t Marjorie look beautiful in that red dress?!” His date slapped him. A couple years later, my Grandpa took my Grandma to a dance at Princeton university (just a cool detail right there 😏) After that, my Grandpa had to go into the Navy for two years in order to pay off his college so my Grandparents decided to get married before he left. Later in their marriage, they defied the odds of the 1970s/1980s couples by my Grandpa’s decision to stay home and be with the kids so my Grandma could pursue her career as a female pastor. By Grandpa had the ability to get a really good job as he did work on Wall Street at one point but I guess he loved my Grandma so much that he was willing to stay home. I will say, he actually did lose his job on Wall Street by his own faults…but still a big sacrifice, right?! A man in the 70s and 80s a stay at home dad…? That wasn’t a common position for men I’ll say. My Grandma eventually got a career as a female pastor and served at her church for over 20 years before retiring. My Grandma’s loving social heart and generosity served well as someone to lead people while my Grandpa was a bit more…antisocial. Hey, sometimes opposites attract! My Grandma passed away in October 2016 and my Grandpa still resides in New Jersey as him and my Grandma always did. Sometimes my Grandpa calls me just to tell me exactly what my Grandma would tell me if she were still alive. Very touchy, encouraging things. Feelings…not his cup of tea, but he wants my Grandma to be remembered for all of her great qualities 🙂 

This is my oldest sibling, Heather, and Grandparents in 2008 after Heather just gave birth to her first child, Iris. My Grandparents’ first Great-Grand grand child!


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