I am Your Princess// Spoken Word Attempt

Dear Saints,

My attempt at spoken word.

Thomas Walter Co.

I can use abbreviations and chameleon myself into every nook and cranny, but the one thing I cannot figure out … is you. You do not change even as I have evolved in my own special way to be less of a reader and more of talker, I still want to adhere to those old ways because it’s the only part of me with a hipster shade of cool. I guess I just wanted to see the days turn brighter than these gray clouds. YOU. You oh Lord have made my gray clouds better, then I could have made the brightest days myself. You turned my sorrow into joy that has up and gone and carried me away.

I can use the sadness of my heart to fill up a journal and half, but YOU hear my inner moans and groans and translate them to the father. You channel my anger into calmness, where I have continually strayed you anchor my soul. I have cried several times in the dead of night, but you were there to comfort me and say: “I cherish you.” Father God I am clay in your hands, with a few chips out of the foundation and a stubborn knot that you must really dig in deep for. I almost feel dried out until you penetrate the core of my heart and I am again changed.

You are the only thing that keeps me a float. I have loved getting to know you for these three short years. You are the definition of purpose and the display of love. You wrapped together holiness with mercy and grace which the wretched soul needed. You taught me to love deeply, and set up a place of solitude with in your fortress- I am your princess.


M. Elyse

Thomas Walter Co.

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