Hot Pursuit// A Huge Thank You to Officers Palmiter and Bowen

June 24 2015
Brothers and Sisters,
Today I was pick pocketed in the city of Portland while getting my comfort food and samosas. I did not notice for 3 hours. I thought it would be like the times before where I had misplaced my stuff and it was found shortly after. Here is the full weird story. Do not worry it has the happiest ending.

I was getting food in preparation for a day of sharing on the PSU Campus that I am staying at. I thought how wonderful would it be to grab my comfort food and samosas to begin the day. I did not have enough time to glance at my bag, but my friend K walked up behind me and said, “Hey your backpack is unzipped!” I did not think anything of it. I shook it off and continued about my day eating and making memories with this wonderful group of girls.
After lunch wrapped up we made our way to the Park Blocks and decided to find some people to share soularium with. Soularium is this awesome tool Cru uses to explore peoples spiritual lives. It is a great tool for one on one or a group. After being rejected one out of four times we made our way to Starbucks. Jody and I ordered our drinks and were about to sit down for our discipleship meeting. All of the sudden my heart sank. I immediately thought, “Where in the world is my phone? What the heck happened to it.”
Jody and I began encircling the park blocks trying to find out where it could have possibly gone. I was searching for almost two hours with nothing. I did not feel any panic, I think it was literally the Holy Spirit saying, “Do not fear it will turn up.” I was calm.
I bet you are thinking family and friends, “Whaaaaaaat Molly calm in a moment like this? She usually looses her temper and maybe begins to cry here or there.” I did not though, I remained calm as we searched and eventually I gave up all hope. I walked back up the building where I shared with my dear friend Lizzy about the event of today. Immediately she said, “Hey maybe you can track your phone.” I shook it off until Amy had me log into track my phone.
YOU WILL NEVER BELIEVE IT! Somehow the app had been downloaded to my phone or it worked somehow and I was able to watch the persons route as they had stolen my phone. Here they were at 11TH and Jefferson then making their way toward Beaverton. My trimet pass was in my phone case so I could not follow the capturer. So Amy and Jody were in hot pursuit of the phone.
I waited patiently upstairs in my dorm room. Eventually after a few minutes had passed the ladies reappeared and said, “They are on their way to Beaverton, but I have called the cops. He will be arriving soon.” Not even ten minutes later the police offer had called and he was on his way upstairs. I was amazed. He responded so quickly.
We walk up to him and tell him the story of the missing phone and we give him the information he needed. I told him what had happened and we remembered the bag being opened (that is when he got the phone.) I was thinking at this point all hope was lost, but you know what the cop called his friends in Beaverton!

That nice police officer was in pursuit of the phone for like an hour. Meanwhile I got to know a little bit about Office Palmiter. He was a physics teacher at an alternative school then became a police officer. He seemed brilliant because he had this sense of humor that was hilariously dry and yet somehow genuine all at the same time. Honestly he reminded me of my father. My dad has a weird sense of humor that kind of makes me laugh.
Officer Palmiter said I should have learned three lessons today after discussing the effects of drugs on my head and all the rest of the life lessons you learn while working in this great city of Portland. Which we can say together to quote Lars Larson, “Keep Portland Normal.”

Officer Palmiter said, “Number one do not do drugs. Number two wear your backpack in front of you (I interjected like a pregnant lady). Three do not wait two hours to report the theft of your phone.”

Want to know something great about this officer he went above and beyond the call of duty in my opinion. He stayed after the time he was off in order to recall my phone for me. He had people in Beaverton like the lovely Officer Bowen track the phone and locate it for me. This Officer Bowen even followed the car after the guy took trimet all over the city and got into his own car. Tell me is that not above the call of duty? Then Officer Palmiter drove me all the way out to Beaverton to meet Officer Bowen and retrieve my phone back. With permission from Officer Bowen I hugged him. I was so impressed by both of these officers they deserve keys to the city.

The best part of this story is that I made a friend in this officer. On our drive I found out a lot about him and he was a sweet man with three children. I told him I was from good old Battle Ground, Washington and in response to that he said “Oh the country.” After that he turned on some country music and we sang together in the cop car. Literally I sang in the cop car with Officer Palmiter. He had a great singing voice.

Anyways the moral of the story: Sometimes we get anxious for nothing, and I felt that way today as I wore a hole through my shirt in worry. I felt ashamed that all of this was happening over my phone, but so blessed that we were in hot pursuit of the capture with these awesome men. I also learned that we have very good cops around here that go above and beyond their call of duty. He did not have to wait for that long over time, he could have blown me off. He could have not driven all the way out there with me. Officer Bowen could have not followed the man and got my phone back at all. Yet he did. God works everything out for our good, I see God’s hand in this as everything fit perfectly together. Man life is always and adventure.
Shout out to Officer Palmiter and Officer Bowen for being wonderful police officers, I owe you both oatmeal raisin cookies and blue star donuts! (Yes police officers like donuts.)

I left out a lot of the super funny jokes Officer Palmiter made and the great sense of humor he shared with me as he comforted us. Thank you so much!

Sincerely, M. Elyse


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