Great is thy faithfulness, Oh Lord

Beloved Saints,

Today I began the day needing $600 dollars. By lunch time I only needed $500 why? Because of a kindhearted woman who selflessly gave to me. She immediately without needing to know more trusted me with this monetary donation to my fund, and she gave it to me joyfully. She showed her true heart for Jesus in that moment. If anyone knows this woman you would know that her heart is one of those hearts that envelope you almost immediately. You are having a bad day? Her sweet hugs and uplifting kindness is on its way. I remember walking through the doors at Firm and this woman would immediately fill my heart up, I wanted to be just like her. She is so good a demonstrating Christ’s love and I want to be like that.

Again, Great is thy faithfulness. Great is thy faithfulness! I just cannot seem to shake this sense of joy as I see God’s plan slowly being revealed for me as I try to get this support in before Portlandia. I am no longer anxious because I know that he is faithful and his promises are always going to be kept. He is always working things out for my good. He is always there for me, and preparing my way.


Yesterday I had this realization that when I am praying to our Father in heaven, I am literally talking to the creator of all the universe and he knows me by my name and he calls me “Wanted” and “Daughter.” He shows his endless love for me… and for that I am so grateful.

Anyways- Will you consider donating to my mission trip? Will you bless me with some money it takes a village. It takes many hands to make this work light. I am honored thus far at the support that has come in. Thank you brothers and sisters thank you so much!

Donate Here:

– M. Elyse Urban


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