I’m Waiting

“She waits for the arrival of her love. Will he come?
She waits. Wondering if this pairing will last…
Is he coming? She looks out the window and catches a glimpse of her groom.

She knows at that moment there is no place else that she wants to be.He is coming, He is coming for his bride…Forever begins at this moment.”

Hal Harrison Photography
Hal Harrison Photography

Dear Future Husband,

I ponder those words and they have never held much meaning. Because all I cared about when I was planning to enter marriage in my naivety. Was the fact I was going to get married. I was going to have that beautiful white dress and that stupid veil. I was going to be surrounded by flowers even though I would probably sneeze thousands of times. I was going to have everything perfect down the wire. I wanted to be a perfectionist at this wedding. I wanted to look good, better than any other bride. I wanted to be skinny. I wanted all these things. You know what I never thought about….This moment. The moment you see the love of your life approaching you (or I am approaching them). You get closer and closer to the rest of your life with each wavering step that you take. Each heartbeat making you more and more nervous. I do not know what it is like to walk down that isle on my wedding day. I do not know if I ever will. Nor if I shall find someone that will allow me the privilege of being their wife. My heart longs for that moment. I know how silly that must seem. I am so “young”, I have so much “checking off the boxes to do”, I have so much I need to do before I settle down. People have told me that all my life.  Yet I am so tired. I am so tired of defending my romantic notions of life, I am so tired of defending my idea of marriage. This idea I hold so dear. That Christ is the center of my marriage and built upon that will be my relationship. Nothing more do we need than that. I will love the person I am with in marriage for ever and ever. I will marry the crap out of them. I will seek the right path of reconciliation. I will build a path to bridge guidance and wisdom from elders and other women who would help us form a bountiful marriage. I will look to God as the source of my strength. I will be the best wife I can be. I will model my self after Proverbs 31, I will seek to be more like Jesus. I won’t play it by ear. I value marriage far beyond anything, I have seen really awesome marriages. I have seen really poor marriages. You know what I want my own marriage. I will fall with that person, have hardships with that person, have babies with that person, and be a team with that person. I will be one with that person and that doesn’t ever give room for separation. I will love you forever.

So right now my future spouse I pray for you.

I pray that you entrust your heart to our God, I pray that you let him take over your life. I ask Jesus that he would lead you to me promptly and that you might have a sense of humor. I ask that you would love mundane of life. I pray that you would have strength in all your hardships and that they would prepare you for us. God please bring him close to me, I pray that he would not dwell on his singleness nor his heart be hardened during this time but that  he would grow closer to you Jesus.

– Your Wife



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